Tour Policies

Vehicle Etiquette

BDPA charters busses, therefore we must abide by the charter company’s rules as well as those developed over the years by our dedicated drivers. Any observance of your failure to adhere to the following rules WILL result in disciplinary action.

  • Do not place any items in air conditioning or vent holes.
  • Do not open, activate, or pull down any emergency window releases except in the case of fire or accident. The air conditioning system works much better if all the windows are closed while the bus is running.
  • The rest rooms are not to be used at any time. They have been secured for many reasons, some of which include lack of replacement parts and safety of rest rooms without those parts. Another reason is that most of the places at which our buses stop do not have appropriate facilities to service the rest rooms. The person(s) who sit in the back of the bus are responsible for the restrooms being closed at all times.
  • No object which could cause damage to the vehicle or injury to any person is to be tossed out of or thrown in the bus.
  • Trash is to be carried or passed up to the front of the bus. This includes cans and bottles. Deposit ALL of your trash in the trash cans when leaving the vehicle.
  • Items are not to be hung from the overhead racks while the bus is running. No item in excess of 2 pounds is to be hung from the overhead rack at any time.
  • No one is to stand forward of the Bus Driver’s seat while the bus is in motion.
  • No item is to be laid upon or propped against the side of any vehicle regardless of whether it is owned and operated by the Blue Devils or someone else. Nothing is to be hung on the side or any exterior part of any vehicle. The last thing we need is a bill to repaint a Mercedes, or even a Toyota!
  • Alcoholic beverages are not to be in, or on, any part of ANY BDPA vehicle.
  • Illegal substances are NOT to be carried on, or in, any part of ANY BDPA vehicle.

Tour Conduct

We have an extensive tour planned this summer. Below are few things to keep in mind before we depart. There will be more information given to you throughout the year regarding the summer tour.

Keeping travel time to a minimum and sleep time to a maximum is an important priority. We will travel over thousands of miles this year. Therefore, it is important to keep all rest stops to a minimum. You will be given a specific amount of time at each stop. Please work to keep these stops within those parameters. There will be a bus captain on every bus. They will have specific information on time of departures, preparation for shows etc. Please follow their instructions.

There will be limitations on the number and size of your luggage, sleeping bags/foam pads/etc, you can take.

Because of the number of miles we travel, and the fact that many of these miles will be night drives, horizontal sleep is a prime consideration. When we do have an opportunity to stretch out and sleep at night in a gym, take advantage of it. When lights are out, be considerate and keep the gym quiet. Please make sure that you are in the gym, preferably in your sleeping bag, when lights are out. If you need to take a shower, clean your horn etc., do not wait until five minutes before the lights go out. If you wake up before lights are on, be considerate of those who are still sleeping. If you must get up, do what you must quietly so as not to wake those still asleep.

The gym is your summer tour home, treat it accordingly. NO FOOD IN THE GYM PLEASE – particularly where the hot climates attracts ants, cockroaches and all kinds of crawly things. If you spill anything, please clean it up immediately. If you clean as you go, it will make the clean-up job at the end of each stay much easier. With over 190 people on the road, the amount of garbage we can create is overwhelming. Take responsibility for your own trash and litter. There are always plenty of trash cans around the food truck and on any given campus.

It’s just as easy to throw things away when you pass a trash can as it is to leave it where you have eaten. Sections will be assigned by the Drum Major to clean the facilities. We will not leave the school until it is clean.

What To Bring On Tour

  • Sleeping bag and air mattress
  • 1 regular size suitcase (no extra large suitcases)
  • 1 overnight bag
  • Towels and washcloths (more than 1 set helpful)
  • Black socks for uniform (recommend several pair)
  • Underwear (recommend several sets as wash days are few and far between)
  • Practice clothes (remember wash days are few)
  • Casual clothes
  • 1 dressier set of clothes (for FREE DAYS!)
  • Rain jacket - or some sort of protection from the rain (just in case)
  • Head protection from the sun
  • Some sort of covering for the bus seat and back
  • Personal care items (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shaving gear, etc.)


Emergency supplies only are supplied by the corps. Please bring a small supply of various items; i.e., aspirin, Band-aids, sun screen, sun burn lotion, Bronk-aid, etc. you feel will be useful to you while on tour. Should you need any items, the corps will try to obtain them for you when possible; however, you will be responsible for ALL costs of such purchases.

Additional Tour Policies

If you are bringing any phones, personal electronic devices, etc., on tour, remember that the gyms are not watched at all times. You take the risk of losing these items; the corps assumes no liability for such losses.

Carry only a minimum of cash with you.

Mark all belongings (clothes, towels, etc.) so that you can find them when you need them. Regular ink pens will not work, use a Sharpie marking pen for best results.

NO BOXES, BICYCLES, ETC. ARE TO BE BROUGHT ON TOUR WITH THE INTENTION OF DROPPING THEM OFF WITH FRIENDS/RELATIVES ALONG THE WAY. There is not sufficient space to provide this service. All such items should be stored or mailed prior to leaving on tour. This is your responsibility.

Free Days

On free days you will have the opportunity to explore and experience the sights and cultures of the specific city we are visiting. The day off is a chance for staff and corps members alike to forget the daily grind of rehearsals and competition.

Please remember the BDPA code of conduct and be responsible when you have free time.

Ride Share

For some programs, use of ride-share services such as Uber and Lyft will be allowed only at specific designated times. Never make such arrangements without first clearing with the program director.

Visits and Overnight Stays With Family

In certain situations you may stay overnight and off-site with a parent of legal guardian only, and with permission of the program director. You and your parent/guardian must check-out with the program director at time of departure.

Members may be allowed off-site for meals/quick visits with family members only with permission of program director. You and your parent/guardian must check-out with the program director at time of departure.

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