BDPA offers young men and women between the ages of 7 and 25 high quality educational and performance experiences in the areas of musical and dance performance. Founded in 1957, BDPA’s objective is to develop personal character through challenging physical, emotional, mental, and social activities while promoting the values of dedication, hard work, and commitment to a team effort. Over 450 young people currently participate in BDPA programs, and over 8,000 young people, in 2,000 families, have been served by the BDPA organization since 1957.

Shaun Gallant Office CEO
David Gibbs Office Senior Executive Advisor
Kathy Serksnis Office Chief Operating Officer
Scott Chandler Office Creative Director
Bret Rios Office Director of Gaming
Elizabeth Howard Office Bingo Manager
Debbie Odello Office Administration
Lainey Braatz Office Director of Services
Terry Maurer Office Director of Transportation
Pep Manning Office Transportation Manager
Brian Haslanger Office Art & Web Director
Jennifer Lowe Office Director of Communications
Teresa Saunders Office Director of Community Outreach & Development
Catherine Connolly Office Fund Development Consultant
Lynn Upchurch Office Fund Development Consultant

2020 B Corps Staff

Efrain Hinojosa Office Director
Marvin Reed Office Assistant Corps Director / Leadership Training
Chris Nalls Office Consultant
Michael Sowell Office Tour Manager
Gabriella Bonilla Office Tour Manager
Rick Odello Office Advisor
Chris Carrasco Design Program Coordinator / Visual Designer
John Meehan Brass Arranger / Advisor
Nicholas Garcia Brass Brass Caption Head
Ben Kane Brass Instructor
Matt Okumoto Brass Instructor
Elizabeth Lentz Brass Instructor
Alexander Frank Brass Instructor
David Flores-Workman Brass Instructor
Austin Gaesser Brass Instructor
Tanner Jones Visual Visual Caption Head
Gary Briggs Visual Technician
James LaPiana Visual Technician
Luke Bland Visual technician
Anthony Gonzales Visual Technician
Joseph Alegre Visual Technician
Emily Dean Visual Technician
Hunter Reed Visual Technician
Shelby Plaugher Visual Technician
Jazz Legaspi Guard Caption Head
Alyssa Citero Guard Technician
Jerome Cruz Guard Technician
Rachel Nishijima Guard Technician
Gustavo Morales Guard Technician
Frida Macias Guard Technician
Garrett Moya Guard Technician
Victoria Farias Guard Technician
Sean Clark Percussion Percussion Caption Head / Battery Arranger
Joey Staab Percussion Snare Technician
Brandon Olander Percussion Snare Technician
William Mitsuk Percussion Quad Technician
Ray Rivera Percussion Quad Technician
Kheffy Cervantez Percussion Bass Technician
Matt Ring Percussion Bass Technician
Hannah Boyer Percussion Cymbal Technician
Chavadith Tantavirojn Percussion Front Ensemble Caption Head / Arranger
Connor Carroll Percussion Front Ensemble Manager
Jackson Lai Percussion Front Ensemble Instructor
Amanda Steinhauer Percussion Front Ensemble Instructor
Gabriel Boquiren Percussion Electronics - Sound Designer
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